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Willy Armour

Choose from our range of durex condoms to protect you from both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Don't forget all orders over £25 receive free delivery!

Closing down sale!

Once our unique choice of designs are gone, they're gone - Get them while you can!

Durex Avanti Ultima CondomsDurex Avanti Ultima Condoms
Durex Elite CondomsDurex Elite Condoms
Durex Extra Safe CondomsDurex Extra Safe Condoms
Durex Fetherlite CondomsDurex Fetherlite Condoms
Durex Gossamer CondomsDurex Gossamer Condoms
Durex Performa CondomsDurex Performa Condoms
Durex Pleasuremax CondomsDurex Pleasuremax Condoms
Durex Ribbed CondomsDurex Ribbed Condoms
Durex Select Flavours CondomsDurex Select Flavours Condoms
Durex Sensation CondomsDurex Sensation Condoms
Durex Tingle CondomsDurex Tingle Condoms

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